Tuesday, March 28, 2006

photos from the Bahamas...Atlantis, Paradise Island

Leap of Faith (goes through the shark tank)

Sunset view (close up view)

The view from my room
Our final night party

the coral towers

I will be the first to admit that I'm one of the few people I know who doesn't care for the Bahamas. More over, I'm not a big fan of places that remind me of Disneyland. For my vacations, I need a heck of a lot more charm involved. Luckily, this was a work trip so it wasn't an issue.

Family: Great place for kids to hang out and play. There were a ton of slides, activities, buffets, and exhibits all geared for the kids! I'm glad we opted at least once in our rotation a kid friendly resort. They all had a blast and dared me to ride on the slides. I could not disappoint so I gamed through a couple of the slides, although I didn't have quite enough time [or nerve] to do the leap of faith. Not so shockingly, I got mocked by kids of the 12 and under sect.

Adults: Casinos and nightclub galore. I caught some people checking out the young single gals at the bars. I didn't judge but had a huge grin on my face so they [very intelligently] put all my drinks on their tabs. AWESOME. Nothing I like more than free drinks and no strings attached. We almost lost of our colleagues as we left him behind - all was well when we found him in the exact spot we left him - gawking at the dancers on the catwalk.

Things to do: There are a lot of things to do on the resort but it's like i said before. disneyland. there's a lot of charm lost when you're dealing with a mega-resort like the Atlantis but at least you've got everything contained to one location.


  1. what?? oh boo-hoo. to be stuck in atlantis. nice pictures. yeah, it looks like such a horrible place to be working....uh-huh....whatevers.

  2. those photos weren't actually taken by me seeing as how I was stuck inside of a windowless ballroom...

  3. as shorty said... i'm not crying for you either... what a rough life.. i'm stuck inside an office ALL day EVERYday... and we only have one window and the view NEVER changes...so, quit complaining...

  4. so you took ZERO pictures? you had a camera. you took a pic with dennis quaid.

  5. all my photos are night shots. i just HAPPENED to have my camera since it was final night..


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