Sunday, September 24, 2006

London, Bratislava & Budapest

London was cool but expensive. *SIGH*. i also wasn't able to put into action my new resolve in trying to be more social. Then again, e & i did so much walking that we were just WIPED out at the end of each day.

We saw Buckingham Palace but was shut out TWICE due to weather for the changing of the guard. As you can see, I was really concerned about matching my shoes with my outfit. After donning a TRASH bag to try to stay dry, i figured anything would really go.

We also saw Avenue Q. If you have a chance to see it in Vegas or New York, I highly recommend it. It was pretty darn funny. Hopefully we'll be able to see another show on our way home.

There's been a lot of walking up and down stairs through the train stations. I regret bringing the 25" suitcase. Next time I go to Europe, I'm definitely bringing the 22" and paring down the amount of clothes. Recycle, Reuse. :(

E had wanted to visit Bratislava since 2004 when we were last in Vienna. I was intrigued so we went. WORST DECISION EVER. The people were so mean and rude there. I've never been to a country where I felt like the scum of the earth. They *HATE* americans...or anyone who speaks ENGLISH. When the immigration officer harshly asked me why we wanted to go to Bratislava, i whined, "i have no idea." We had to walk through an area that looked like the worst projects in Los Angeles. Luckily, a young american by the name of Joey came up to us to ask us if we knew where we were going.

He was traveling on his own for a week visiting with various friends in Europe before he headed off to Korea to teach english. He was a little lost himself but he spoke German so was able to get us to where we needed to go. PHEW. If it wasn't for that kid, I'm sure we'd be dead by now. Seriously, looks like it was under soviet control. EEEEW. NEVER need to go back there again.

On the flip side, I thought that the political uprising in Budapest would make it really difficult to have a safe and fun time here. So, me being me, i had to check out the scene.

It turns out that what is televised on the news is far worse than what I've experienced. I saw children as young as four and adults as old as eighty. I had no fear for my well-being. Considering the band that they had playing (think Iron Maiden concert...) I would have thought there would have been a lot of anger, pushing, and shoving at this protest. Nope. it was easy to walk around...lots of open space despite the attendance of over 20000 people. Oddly enough, I got a lot of stares. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I was only one of two asian persons there.

I've already met a woman from Brentwood whose husband is a cardiac surgeon at Cedars Sinai...she asked me what I did...where I worked. Wouldn't you just know it. Turns out she knows the Resnicks. Then she unleashed her fury upon me as to why we didn't accept FTD coupons. Next time someone asks me where I work...i'm just going to lie like a rug.

Anyhow, all in all, it's been a good 3 hours that I've spent in the city so far...

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  1. KAYANO! I am so jealous...i've been wanting to see Ave. Q forever! Lucky you!

    Have a safe rest of your trip. I hope you don't meet anymore racism. Nice to know it's alive and well. We'll have to have an evening of wine and trip memories when you and fuj return!


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