Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekend wrap up

This cooking class was AMAZING!! Her cooking and recipes were beyond wonderful!! Now, why can't I cook like that at home by myself??? at one point i transposed the measurements for the ingredients and thought, "Crap!! i'm going to have throw it out and start over..." then i remembered that I wasn't baking. Phew...precision is not a priority when cooking.

Scallion pancakes...

i know i'm supposed to take photos of the stuff we make but it was SO good, i couldn't be bothered with that nonsense. Instead, please visit for her recipes. She just got a cookbook deal so we should see something in a couple of years. In the meantime, she's holding a recipe for this homemade hotsauce of hers for hostage. I promised her that i'd but the book if she'd spill the recipe. Instead, she just gave me the remaining jar. Oh well...better than nuthing.

thai curry with coconut milk. Anyone have curry leaves or kaffir limes in their backyards???

Sadly, i was on my way into church this morning and had a serious injury to my person. I was walking near the sanctuary up the left hand side. There's this crack in the sidewalk that I *ALWAYS* have problems with. I don't know why, but I think i'm the only one. I always tend to jump over it because i've lost my balance there before. Well...i finally ate it. And there was no one to call out to for help. I look up at first hoping that no one saw...then i realized that i couldn't breathe....or move. i thought to myself...breathe deeply, shake it off...just walk it off. no such luck. I sat on the ground for a few minutes before I had to courage to attempt to stand up. bad idea. major pain shooting through my ankle. Sat back down...i was exactly 1/2 way between my car and the door to the church service. if I went into the church service, I'd be walking in weeping with pain. i somehow hobbled back to the car, called erin, then fuyu...then just text messaged them both. Luckily, erin just happened to be walking by her cellphone when my text went through and she came to my rescue with a bandage and ice....and drove my fat @$$ back home with the help of Matt, one of my former junior high school kids...i'm so much trouble.

anyhow, i've been huddled up on my couch ever since praying the throbbing would stop. this sucks...i had so much to do and now I'm laid out. sucks. well, miles wanted a picture. just a little swollen - no bruising like Miles' monster. eew. i don't think he heard of ice. good thing I shaved my legs this morning or this photo wouldn't exist.


  1. i think 'skinny' jenny isn't strong enough to step on a crack.

    'fat' jenny never had this problem of spraining there ankle on the crack.

    why does your foot have that weird pattern on it?

  2. it's the self sticking adhesive that i'm almost 40, i find that my skins elasticity has degraded severely.

  3. perhaps 'fat' jenny had a 'cankle' thus, with the extra padding was protected from the crack.

  4. HAHAHAHA! my friend from work just said Cankle too!! I had to ask her!!!

  5. sorry - i was talking and typing at the same time. i had to ask her what a cankle was...


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