Saturday, June 27, 2009

Taking a bite out of the Big Apple....

Let's face it. It's no big secret that I love to eat. Every city I visit, I've got a list at least 12 deep of places to eat based on type, price, location, and cuisine. I spend weeks and months (if i've got it) searching, researching, calling concierges/friends/family/random persons on the street, stalking food bloggers, anything that I think will help me on my quest to find the perfect meal. As a matter of fact, I spend so much time on the food, I have no idea what landmarks, museums or historical monuments are when I see it. ("'s some statue that was erected to honor some person who is no longer living...")

Proudly, I can say that I visited not ONE, but TWO sights of interest while in New York that had NOTHING to do with food! My friend, Carrie, and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge after a particularly heavy breakfast:

As much as I hate waiting in line for the Empire State Building, I have to say, there's something to be said about the views from the top. It's breathtaking at night!!!

Of course to get to the top, I made Carrie walk up the final 6 flights of stairs because I was not about to wait another 35 minutes in line to take the elevators.

Oh wait...did I mention the gross amount of food we had while in New York?? Sadly, I really had no idea how great Jean Georges truly was because I never had the opportunity to dine at any of his restaurants. In an effort to remedy that situation, I made reservations for Jean Georges for lunch ($24 pre-fixe menu):

We started with an amuse bouche of pineapple & mozzarella; pea soup in chicken broth; and a fried dumpling. My favorite was the pineapple & mozzarella!

I had the foie gras with a mango or pineapple chutney. I'm really going to miss foie gras when they ban it in California.

The highlight of my day HAD to be my halibut with snow peas, mushrooms, in chili oil sauce. I'm buying his cookbook in hopes that this recipe will be in there. This place was a definite must visit!!

me, jean georges, carrie

We had meals at other places such like Shopsin's, Katz's deli, Kitchen Club in Soho but none of those other places came close to touching the greatness of Jean Georges.

I have to admit that the Mac & Cheese pancakes from Shopsins (above) is really intriguing. I never would've thought of that combination but just hearing mac & cheese made everything else sound so good!

Katz's deli pastrami is ridiculously yummy. The omelette shown above probably contains enough calories to fuel my body through 5 triathlons...

My friend, Henry, was kind enough to take carrie & i to Kitchen Club. I had the bento.

After every meal, it is important to finish things off with dessert. We tracked down the Dessert Truck at St. Mark's. I had the goat cheese cake. One word: "yum".

Jean Georges:

Kitchen Club:


Dessert Truck:

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