Monday, June 21, 2010

POSTCARD: Greetings from Cabo San Lucas

Dear Mi Amigos:

I've been a busy little bee lately.  Last weekend I was learning how to make soba and completing my very first triathlon.  Now I'm back from Cabo San Lucas, a very welcome reprieve from my oh-so-difficult-life [especially before my Griswald Family Adventure].  I haven't been here since 2004.  Boy, has it changed a lot. The streets are so much wider than what I rememberd.

People have been asking me if I was afraid to travel to Mexico.  Seriously?? Have you seen my neighborhood [ok, probably (hopefully) not for most of you, but I live in Los Angeles. Enough said.]?  I'm more afraid of walking around after dark in my 'hood than walking buck nekkid down the beaches in Mexico [which seriously, is a scarier sight for everyone else involved].

Plus the people here were so friendly [and really, how can you be afraid of these guys]!  They all seemed to be waiting for me with a drink in hand...

Besides, how can you beat THESE views.  It's absolutely amazing.  

And the food.  I love Mexican food.   Of course, I sampled some taquitos [small tacos, not the rolled up deep fried cigar shaped things we eat here in 'Merica] from Gardenia's:

and some wonderful twist on shrimp cocktail with a Beer Foam:

 ...and know, my favorite part of the meal.  My favorite by far was the green ones on the right  - pistachio chocolate.  Yummm.

My favorite view was from Sunset da Mona Lisa Restaurant...It gives you a breathtaking view of famed Los Arcos.  They also have a dish that uses a lava rock to cook your meat on.  It was fantastic!

One new thing that I learned while I was in Cabo was that Mexico provides about 30% of all organic produce sold in the United States! I had no idea but I decided to go down and take a look at one of the organic farms while I was there. 

Flora Farms was amazing.  It was a haven in the midst of the dusty desert for the road weary travelers that we were.  It was so refreshingly green with shade trees and herbs everywhere, despite the fact that it was not growing season!  Not only was it a haven for me, but it was also a haven for stray dogs, the very first Humane Society in Los Cabos [see below. i love that crazy dog]. One feature of this farm that I was not able to partake in was the cooking classes that were offered. I need to make another trip down there soon so I can correct that!

All in all - a very wonderful getaway!

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