Monday, September 7, 2009

Jenny Stalker Series, Part III - TOFU

Soybeans soaking in water overnight - see how big they get compared to the dry soybeans

Part I in my series was stalking Tartelette's amazing Tarts she I tried her recipe in combination with what I learned in my class.  Part II in my series was stalking La Fuji Mama and Rasa Malaysia with the homemade gyoza wrappers/shrimp filling combo.  Today, in Part III of my stalker series, I'm once again stalking La Fuji Mama [heretofore referred to as "LFM" because I'm lazy - sorry Rachel].

Last week LFM did a post on making your own Tofu.  Yes, you heard me right - she made her own tofu from SCRATCH.  I can't tell a lie, I really don't care for  tofu too much.  Even when I dress it up, I still think...meh...It's all right but I'd much rather have a hamburger.  With cheese. 

LFM makes EVERYTHING look so easy.  I can't figure out if it's because of the way she writes about how easy it is or if it's because of the the photos she posted with step by step instructions.  I highly encourage you to check out her post on it.  I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel here...just merely sharing with you my own efforts at making this morsel of deliciousness.  

LFM being the total sweetheart that she is, sent me a Direct Message on twitter telling me to call her if I ran into any trouble.  She even added, "Seriously, call me" [i assume] because she knows how Japanese people have this tendency to Enryo [
restraining speech or actions towards people]. Naturally, during my process I ran into problems where it was supposed to be foaming A LOT and mine never foamed...even a little. Do you think I called her?  Right.  NO.  She was nice enough to follow up with my to see how it was going and I hung my head in shame that mine didn't come out like it was supposed to.

Here's my tofu efforts.  I made both the Kinu "Silk" tofu as well as the firm tofu. I'm only showing the firm tofu since my kinu tofu turned out to be...well...curdled soy milk. Will try again and post later.
Despite her instructions to blend in batches, do you think I did THAT? right again!  Leakage off the sides everywhere. 

So while I never got foam during the cooking process, I got TONS of foam just waiting for my 5 cups of water to boil. 

This is the leftover Okara from straining out the soy milk [which is what you use to make the tofu].  My mom wants me to make okara meshi with it.  I really don't care for it so I'm hoping I'll have enough to make cookies.

The soy milk that was used to make the kinu tofu...

This is the coagulated soy milk, being strained of any excess liquids.  I don't have a tofu form [although now that I know i like the way it tastes, I'm thinking about buying one!] so I just used the collander. 

Just need a little weight to help strain out the last of the liquids from the tofu. this step of running water over the tofu [that white blob in the bowl], I realized that I forgot to use Spring Water as advised for a better tasting product.  I'll have to try that next time for sure!

It didn't look pretty, but I promise you, it tasted GREAT!  Tofu that I buy in stores, even the fresh ones, always tastes like nothing.  This tofu had a wonderful nutty taste and was so soft and delicate.  It soaked up my shoyu quite well and made for a very yummy dinner tonight!

Thanks, La Fuji Mama.  I look forward to more recipe stalking!


  1. I can't believe you made your own tofu. Please make cookies. I love cookies made with Okara. HOSHII!!

  2. Really? i never tried it before!! Most definitely, then!

  3. You crack me up!!!! I love your post--nice job!!! I'm going to be doing a DIY tofu press maybe next week. So you could even try making your own!!

  4. I made LFM's tofu too! Yours looks great! Mine looks like a sand dollar, but it was very very tasty.

    I made a tofu rice bowl and have a new appreciation for it:)

  5. just stumbled on your site...great job making that tofu! they have great machines specifically for it now but reminds me of time when had to help mom make it.


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