Monday, September 28, 2009

The After Party...

Wow.  I don't even know where to begin.  I don't want to make myself sound like a total kiss @$$ or a name dropper but seriously.  SERIOUSLY, HONESTLY, TRULY.  These are 3 of the most amazing women in the blogger world.  I don't really follow many blogs outside of the food world  but working with them the past four weeks has been an amazing experience for me.

Alana Kellogg asked me, "What's in it for you? Why are you doing this??"  Honestly, there are so many food blogs that I've been following for years that have brought me to the point of where I am today [i actually know how to boil water without burning my house down!] that I felt like i OWED them one. When Jaden asked me if I wanted to help them out with this party, I *JUMPED* at the opportunity, in hopes of giving back for all that I had received.  

Sadly, that was not the way it turned out.  I learned so much from these 3 women! From Jaden, I learned that thinking 10 steps ahead of your game isn't enough and that in order to grow you need to keep your brain popping with new ideas; from Elise, I was in awe of her analytical genius - from the technical to the social and how she connected the dots amongst her vast resources; and from Ree, i learned that you need to be true to who you are and your "voice" [and I was so completely charmed by her!]. I know there were times that I looked vacant or just plain stupid when they asked me a question and I was unprepared.  I was just trying to process everything they were saying.  What can I say?? I'm slow.

Michael, my boss, greatest boss ever
Lastly, I couldn't have made it through this event without the support of my boss.  GREATEST. BOSS. EVER.  You should all be jealous of me. I know he was giving a lot of people a hard time at the door as he was checking people in and giving them their bags as they were leaving.  I really apologize for that but he really is the most helpful boss EVER.  Plus how many bosses do you know let their underlings boss THEM around???  It really was the greatest evening for me.

Party go-ers enjoying the San Fran evening outside

So once again, i got back more than I gave. 


  1. Honey, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

    YOU are my rockstar.

  2. Jen, you did an amazing job "helping" with the party - it was lots of fun! Thanks for all you did for all of us party-goers.

  3. Jenny, I can't praise you enough. We are all infinitely grateful to the minor miracle you pulled off with the venue change, as well as every other aspect of managing that party. As Jaden says, I LOVE YOU TOO. You are a rockstar.

  4. oh guys are WAY too nice! I was just praying the whole time I didn't mess anything up for you all! ;) ...and I kept wondering, "why on earth would they actually TRUST me with this party??!! Their NAMES are on this thing!!"

  5. You did amazing Jen!! Your boss was adorable! Stand tall, be proud, you deserve the praise!
    Glad I got the chance to meet you!

  6. helen - I am SO glad to have met you!! I just love visiting your website - your photography soothes my rough days!

    [my boss apologizes for giving you a hard time...only because I made him...]

  7. Jenny, it was so nice to meet you - very briefly - on my way out of the party. That's actually me standing next to your boss in the photo! Honestly, I have no recollection of anyone snapping a pic of me...which I'm sure had nothing to do with the margarita I downed. (Yes, just one. What can I say? I'm a lightweight.) I feel very lucky to have garnered an invitation from a fellow BlogHerFood attendee, and even luckier to have had the chance to be introduced to so many wonderful food bloggers. Thanks for organizing such a great party! xo, Dawn


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