Monday, May 3, 2010

Cooking Paella in Barcelona, Spain

One thing I like to try to do on my travels is to take a cooking class. For me, there's nothing that's a better outlet for my creativity or easier to "pack and take home" than learning how to make something regional from the place that you visit.

I found Cook and Taste while doing a quick search on Chowhound for my trip last December. The price for the class [and visit to the boqueria] was fairly reasonable, considering that we got to eat and drink, too! Our teacher was wonderful, kind, friendly, and very informative.  She gave me tips on where to buy all kinds of food gifts! [you gifts for ME!!!]

I don't like to feel useless, especially when someone else is bustling around in a busy fashion around the kitchen. So, I volunteered to help out by unpacking our goods from the boqueria. Luckily, that earned me the right to make the fish stock! I quietly diced my veggies and the monkfish [ugh...most disgusting fish EVER...and I don't care that it's "good eats"] off to the side while she started on the Crema Catalan [very much like a creme brulee].
I enjoyed the leisurely pace of the class. We took as long as we needed, no short cuts. There was no set end time. Sure, we all had other ideas of things we wanted to do that day but when mixed with the food, wine and company, we were quite happy to hang out and learn - not only about the food but about the culture, city and its people.  We also got to meet some classmates who were from Holland and Great Britain, as well.  It was interesting to learn about other country's healthcare, food philosophy, cost of living, and gas prices!

We had a fabulous time making gazpacho, tortilla de patatas, crema catalan, and paella.  I especially enjoyed working for my lunch.  I think you will too!

Cook and Taste

t. (+34) 93 302 13 20

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