Thursday, May 13, 2010

POSTCARD: Maui, wowie!

Dear [fill in your name]:

It's been 5 years since I was last in Maui.  So far, everyone has been so friendly!  I'm hardly ever on the receiving end of fabulous trips since I'm usually planning them so it's been great not having to do anything!

It seems like I've been eating every couple of hours. Which is good because we've been on the move since I landed.  One of my friends even arranged for me to try my hand on the stand up paddle board.  Except I kept falling off the paddle board [so the "stand up" part may not have been accurate in my case.  It's hard work - for every 3 strokes forward I felt like the wind was blowing me 2 strokes back.  

As you guys know, I'm into experiencing and learning new things.  I was hoping that I'd get a chance to learn how to do the fire dance but they didn't think it'd be a good idea.  I guess I'll have to be satisfied that I know how to paddle board now.

The great news is that I've fallen in lust love! It really doesn't matter with which one of the guys above.  They were all equally hot.  

Well, it's been a long day and I need some sleep. Tomorrow's going to be a another long day and I'm going to see if I have some time to make it over to Kahului to get some guri-guri.  More later!

Wish you were here!



  1. First Modern Family taunts me with visions of a Hawaiian paradise and now this! Haha :) Have a great time! (a given!)

  2. Dang, girl! You are definitely a traveler! No moss on you!!! Save one of those guys for me! Woo hoO! ;)
    Have a great trip! Pegs

  3. ugh. i hate you. have a 5-scoop guri-guri for me. go to homemaid bakery near kahalui for hot malasadas.

  4. I like that.. Maui, wowiee.. Haven't been, but if we do get back to HI, Maui would be it.

  5. SinoSoul - you would LOVE maui! I love that place! beautiful beaches and so much to do!!!


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