Monday, August 30, 2010

Event: Sushi 101

Rachael's amazing sushi rice.  I have to admit the Zojirushi rice came out spectacularly - there was no burn or browned spots that I normally get from my rice cooker.  The Induction Heating rice cooker did everything but dry my hair!!   I may actually breakdown & buy one...but please don't tell Rachael, or I'll have to hear her telling me that she told me so.
I was a spoiled brat.  When I was growing up, there was a period of several years where we had sushi Every. Single. Sunday.  Most people would be jealous of that fact. Being the Contrarian that I am, I would roll my eyes and sigh, "Sushi?? AGAIN??" 

How times have changed.  I actually PAY for sushi - something I never thought I would do!  I was so excited when Rachael first told me about Sushi 101.  I saved the date even before I was actually invited.  I love that Rachael brings Japanese cuisine to the people in a non-threatening/non-overwhelming way.  I was all in for her party.

Greg offered up his beautiful house for this event.  I wish I had taken a photo of his kitchen.  It's drool worthy, almost larger than my house.  Such a generous host, when I asked him for his sink & spare dishwasher, he just said, "yes."  Unfortunately, neither item fit into my small coupe.

Rachael, madwoman at large, had so many items on her menu - artisan tofu, sunomono [cucumber salad], shoga [marinated ginger], marinated daikon, temaki, makisushi, and miso soup.  Rachael's homemade tofu is actually how we became friends.  Her recipe is easy and amazing.  No store bought tofu can come close to it.  

I have found over the course of the year of our friendship, that I learn something new from her all the time.  As she presented each course, her confidence in her knowledge [along with random tidbits of information that I never knew] shined through!  Everyone had a blast and enjoyed each course of the meal. 
Discussion about seafood sustainability
I Love Blue Sea drove down from San Fran to bring down the sustainable seafood for the event.  The fish was so amazing - yellowtail tuna, albacore [the belly tasted like Avocados], Alaskan King Salmon [so sweet], and Dungeness Crab [my favorite!!!]. As Martin cut the fish, I was like a puppy dog waiting for scraps.  It was that good.  To top if off, they were so incredibly helpful offering up any assistance large or small, I just thought how proud their mommas must be of them.  I haven't informed my family yet but I've decided that we're ordering our New Year's Day seafood from these guys.  I can't sing enough of their praises - check them out when you get a chance.
Josie put together an amazing dessert bar.  A Fuji Apple ice cream, a matcha ice cream, and a Yuzu Plum Wine granita filled the wine glasses [yes, I had all three.  I was taste testing and acting as a Quality Control Officer.  It's my job] along with two types of macarons, one of my favorites being a spearmint and white chocolate macaron.

Everyone left stuffed and full...and the question, "when's the next party?"  I can't wait for the next one, either!


  1. *I* want a sushi 101 party hosted by Rachael and Greg and Josie and you. {pouts}

  2. Great write up! Almost makes me feel like I was there... oh wait I was there! GREG

  3. mardi - next time you're in LA!! :) right, Greg???

    greg - really? i barely remember being there myself! :) it was GREAT meeting you and thank you so much for your hospitality

  4. That's it! I'm moving to CA ; ) Y'all have TOO much fun! xoxo

  5. How did I miss this post?!?!? Aaaah! You are such a sweetheart! But seriously, who paid you to say those nice things about me? C'mon, come clean! Thank you so much for all of your help. I seriously couldn't have done it without you! Between you, Josie, and Greg, my simple idea became an amazing evening! MUWAH!!!!


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