Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Travel: BlogHer Food 2010, Getting to San Francisco from the Airport

Golden Gate Bridge
Traveling to San Fran for the first time? Unless you have a ton of luggage, I highly recommend the BART! Fast, easy and generally the best [and cheapest!] way to get into the city.
F Line Muni Streetcar from Embarcadero to Castro District; $2 for 90 minutes of travel. Enter from the front door & pay the driver with exact change.
SFO Arrivals:
Upon arrival into SFO, after collecting your luggage, follow the signs to BART, which is located in the International Terminal. You can take the free AirTrain to the BART station. Once you arrive at the BART Station, you will find the ticket machines directly in front of you after you get off the AirTrain.  You may use either Cash or Credit to purchase your tickets[see instructions below].  Proceed to the BART station entrance, slipping in your ticket into the designated slot.  Board the Pittsburgh/Bay Point train to San Francisco [NOT Millbrae]. 

OAK Arrivals:
If you are arriving into Oakland, you will need to take the AirBART bus to get to the Coliseum/Oakland Airport BART Station [travel time is approximately 15 minutes]. The AirBART bus departs every 10 minutes [fare is $3, EXACT change only].  Follow the directional signs to the AirBART [located between Terminal 1 and 2, 3rd curb from the terminal].  You can take either trains that travel to Daly City [make sure it's NOT headed towards Dublin/Pleasanton, Richmond or Fremont.]

How to use the ticket machine:
You will need to already know what your fare is before you actually get to the ticket machines.  Avoid wasting time asking around for what the fare should be - Look up fares HERE: BART Fare Calculator
To Powell from SFO: One way fees will be $8.10, Roundtrip at $16.20.
To Powell from OAK: One way fees will be $3.80, Roundtrip at $7.60.   
1.) Put in your form of payment - either Cash or Credit - in the appropriate slot.
2.) The default amount of the ticket is $20 which will appear on the screen.  Using the buttons A - D, add/subtract the amount needed to get to your destination.  [add $1 = A; subtract $1 = B; add $.05 = C; subtract $.05 = D].
3.) When you are done, hit "E" to print the ticket.

Arrival into Downtown San Francisco:
Powell Street BART station is probably the closest if you're staying at the Intercontinental.  Just two blocks Southeast from Powell Station, it's an easy walk [and thank goodness for "up" escalators to street level!] using the Hallidie Plaza exit.

Embarcadero Station


  1. Hey! What about hitch hiking?? You forgot that one. GREG

  2. It's safe to assume you'll be there? Would love to meet you, if so!

  3. Greg - DOH!! Good point. i mean, it's San Fran...people do that all the time, right??? :)

    Jenny - yes, most definitely!! I'll be the one huddling in a corner hoping to see a familiar face or two. :) Would LOVE to meet you!! Hope you'll attend the Saturday Night party! it promises to be a LOT of fun!

  4. I plan on taking BART for sure. Hope to meet you, too. We seem to know many of the same ppl - I'll look for you in the corner ;)

  5. yay! can't wait to meet you, @shescookin!


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