Sunday, November 7, 2010

Food Buzz Festival: San Francisco 2010

Have I mentioned how much I truly dread and loathe putting myself into new situations where I don't know anyone? Yes, I realize most people are like that but those people are smarter than me - they find a buddy.  My answer is to usually thrust myself into the thick of things, flailing and grasping, acting like I'm not a total awkward nerd, lost in Food Blogger Land. 
Brooke, Food Woolf, will climb any mountain to get that perfect shot
Luckily, this time around, I did find someone to hang out with, the lovely, smart, and witty, Brooke aka FoodWoolf.  It's always a relief to find a soul sister in travel.  I knew this trip was going to be awesome. We started off our Festival experience at Fort Mason's Herbst Pavillion.  Brooke and I decided to make a break [following on the heels of Marc of the No Recipes fame] for a quick pic of the beautiful sunset.
There were so many wonderful people that I got to meet [but forgot to photograph].  I won't be able to get everyone I met on this first pass, but I'm determined to stalk them ALL so you'll see them at some point in the near future. Trust. At least they're not subjected to my first pass NOW like poor Marc, No Recipes, who got cornered by me as I quizzed him, 21 questions style - I'm going to give him a break and not post his answers here. Kind and super sweet Ken, Hungry Rabbit NYC, my new BFF, was also blessed by my countless number of tweets...and if I had the energy, I would've tweeted him during the later part of the evening to bring me a sandwich since he was so patiently waiting in line for one.  Liren, Kitchen Confidante, was as beautiful and gracious as I've been told - My only regret was that I didn't have enough time to talk her into being my new BFF but I have confidence that I will have other opportunities to work my magic! Linda, Salty Seattle, was stalked by me this evening because of her fantastic outfit and even more fantastic personality. 
Linda, Salty Seattle with Brooke

Everyone brought gifts for the gift exchange.  I did not.  Why, you ask? Because I'm lame.  I could come up with a thousand excuses and it just comes down to poor planning and a rough travel schedule [good thing I'm not a planner or anything...oh wait...].
After I awkwardly excused myself for not having a gift, I started to try to eat my way through the Pavillion as best as I could. I'm not good at waiting in lines and I didn't want some Food Blogga to shiv me for cutting in line [Ok, I admit, I almost shivved one of you who not only cut in front of me but pushed me out of the way to do it. I will not forget you, I will get you. Well, only if you do it again since I only saw your back. But it's totally burned into my memory].
I stuffed myself as much as I could but the easiest and most tastiest part of the evening was the Bonny Doon Wines and the great selection of Beers. I wish I could say I have photos of those two booths but I may have had a little bit too much to drink that evening.  Allegedly. 


  1. Thanks for a fun recap of the first part of FBZFest. Wish I could have been there this year too :-( But that's ok - I will live vicariously through you....

  2. Jen! You already did work your magic :) I can't tell how sad I was that we did not get a chance to really enjoy more of the festival together. It was so good to meet you, especially after having missed the chance for sushi and In N Out with Olga, Rachael and Paula. Hope we get a chance to meet again soon (and don't forget to have lunch with Andrea soon, too!).


  3. Dayum girl- you writ yerself a frickin' great post on the fest- I am in awe of your photosnappin' capabilities too. Salt headed your way. mucho love-o, salty

  4. Awesome re-cap...short, sweet, and terrific photos :)

  5. beautiful pix! sorry i didn't get a chance to meet you there!

  6. I know what you mean about new situations! From the photos it looks like you had a fabulous time!!!

  7. I loved the beers too! I absolutely adore the name of your blog by the way. It looks like you had a fantastic time at FoodBuzz and met some amzing people (I did, too).

  8. well, DARN IT ALL! I'm so sad I didn't get a chance to meet you, all of you guys!!! thank you so much for visiting!

    Mardi: I *really* wished that you could have been there, but there's always next year!!! :)

    Liren: Let the stalking begin! :)

  9. We did have some fun. Make sure you check yourself out. You have a role in my festival video! GREG

  10. What a great post about such a wonderful event!! I am sorry we didn't get to meet in person, and I understand seeing people, knowing them but not being sure who they were! next year for sure!!

  11. Nice wrap up, and some amazing shots!


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