Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gyoza Wrappers

I'm still hi-jacking this travel site and in the full spirit of the hi-jacking, I've decided to post up my gyoza adventure.

La Fuji Mama has the most wonderful post on how to make gyoza wrappers from scratch. I looked at it, marvelled at how beautifully perfect her wrappers had turned out, and dismissed it as too much trouble. Then I mosied over to Rasa Malaysia and saw her post on Shrimp & Chive dumplings. Hmmm...i'm craving dumplings. It's been over a month since I last went to dim sum and I've got me a hankering for it.

Of course this revelation came to me while I was not at home and quite unable to do anything about it. So I started formulating my plan...I've got flour, salt & water at home...I can MAKE my wonton wrappers. Heck, I've even got shrimp at home...hmmmm...

Quite frankly, the gyozas took a wee bit longer than i expected it 2 hours for me to mix, rest, knead, and roll out (mostly because I'm lame). But look how beautifully "rustic" [another term for "it looks like a 3rd grader made it"...learned THAT one from Clemence, as well] my gyozas came out. Some of them actually did look round since I figured out how to roll it out so that it maintained its thickness in the middle, thinner around the edges, and all together ROUND.

I swear...these bloggers must all think I'm a total stalker (ok, so I am). I ask question after question and they so kindly and generously answer all of them!! Up until now, I didn't even realize that I enjoyed cooking. I was far too busy trying to kill off my friends and co-workers with "blackened" chicken to realize that, once I got some basic concepts down, it was actually a lot of fun.

Uhhhh. Ooops. Sorry guys...I had the finished results but they came out kind blurry...I started in on the wine a little early tonight.

oh hi...i forgot to can make DESSERTS with these wrappers. I used some leftover goat cheese mousse (with meyer lemon) and chocolate ganache and filled the wrappers, deep frying them. Hellllooooo, gorgeous!


  1. how can you have a food website without the showing the finished results?? it just doesn't seem right...almost like you should make a new batch to get the final results and then deliver the food to those of us that do not work.

  2. because it's not a food blog. it's a travel blog.

    can't you tell? :)

  3. you really need to enter the best foodie foto contest!! you have some amazing shots! thanks for popping in and voting!! really enjoyed your blog especially the post about Columbia :)

  4. your gyozas looks wonderful, i loved that you made the wrappers yourself. did you end up steaming or frying them? and how did they taste?

  5. Laura: Thanks! I'm learning as I go along. I think i need to practice a bit more before I submit anything anywhere! :)

    AA: I ended up pan frying them but I wished that I had steamed some of them instead - it was way too much grease for me. I'd like to do this again in the winter to use in wonton soup!

  6. These look great .... you did a really nice job with them! Keep it up!


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