Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I know I'm in Italy when...

I'll know that I've finally arrived in Italy when:

- I see the gelato shops on every corner (like starbucks in LA)
- I get pushed around by on-coming people (most likely 80 year old ladies with a strong arm!)

- I trip on the street over all those darn cobblestones

- I see a bidet in my room and still after all these years wonder what I'm supposed to do with it.
- the wine is cheaper than soda or water!

- i can actually order a panna cotta!

- 4 course meals are the norm and not the exception.

- when you're at the pool or spa, all the men are wearing speedos (never under any circumstances is it acceptable)...

that's off the top of my head. Only 2 more days before I take off (including today!) for Italy. I'm so excited!! All I want to do is plan my vacation and I've got SO much work to do before i leave. Now I feel compelled to take my laptop (free internet access at two of my hotels that we're at) so I can check in and also upload some photos! things to consider.

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