Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cooking 101, Italian Style

So today started off with me slacking off on running...i decided to sleep in. Erin & I headed out to the Boboli Gardens at Pitti Palace. It was nice...but a lot of uphill, upstairs walking. My ankle was starting to bother me by the end.

We went shopping at the Mercato Centrale which was a lot of fun. I bought a black purse and erin bought a brown one. Ooops. gifts for anyone. I suck. hoping more for Parma & Milan.

This evening we went to our cooking class. I was a little irritated by 2 sets of our co-team mates. By the end of the evening, I was exchanging email address and business cards with everyone with promises to send photos out to all. We had a mother/daughter couple who were visiting from the phillipines; a newlywed from Norway (she kept tasting EVERYTHING as we were preparing stuff...i don't know this sanitary IS this???); and a taiwanese lady (who was a bit bossy and asked a million questions).

then the wine flowed...and everyone was happy and laughing. it was great. we actually had the opportunity to open up and share with each other some funny stories...

clockwise from bottom: Newlywed hubbie from Norway, Phillipino Mama, daughter Ruthie, Greta the Taiwanese lady, me, erin, newlywed wife from Norway


  1. Thank you, Jesus, that Jenny and Erin found their black and brown purses! WOOT!

  2. Food and shopping?!?! I am SOOO JEALOUS!!! Thanks for posting so I can vicariously live through you!

  3. fuyu - is now a bad time to tell you about the knee high prada boots (in black) that I couldn't zip up my fat daikon ashi that was about 150 euros on a huge, huge sale? so sad...erin said I'd have to surgically remove part of my calf. i considered it...

    aya - i'm getting rounder by the second! the food tonight in Parma has been the best I've had in italy!! I ate and ate. AWESOME!!


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