Thursday, September 6, 2007

Goodbye, Firenze, hello, Parma!

View from rooftop dining terrace at the Best Western. Duomo & Giotto Bell Tower
Farmacia Profumeria - Convent that created perfumes

It was a little sad for me to leave Florence today. It was a city that was a lot of fun this time around. I think it helped that we stayed in the city. Before we left, we went to the Santa Maria Novella Church...there's a perfume shop there that's been around for hundreds of years. It smelled...a lot...kinda incense-y.

After we stopped off, we went to pick up our train tickets to Parma. I didn't realize i bought so much - I had a hard time getting my luggage around. I swore to erin that I was done shopping. Day 1 of that resolve - so far so good. (we even went to an outlet in Fidenza and we both walked away with nothing)..

After we checked into the Holiday Inn Express in Parma (that is, AFTER we finally found it!!), we decided to hit up the Fidenza outlet where we struck out. After we got back we went to La Greppia in downtown Parma (I drove to the city center...the maitre d' saved a parking spot for us so we parked right in front of the restaurant). The food was WONDERFUL!! I think it's the best meal I've ever had in Italy. We started with a plate of cold cuts (local products); shared 2 pastas, and finished off with a braised beef with polenta dish. I'm can barely move. It was an arm and a leg but if you ever make it out to Italy, i HIGHLY recommend a visit to Parma (rent a car) and a dinner here!!

fresh handmade pasta in the glass window into the kitchen! you can see the chefs cooking!!

braised beef in wine and polenta

Bisquit tray...(the small red round things in the center are super miniature apples! it was great!)


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