Monday, September 24, 2007

learn something new...

I went to the Farmers Market on Sunday after church. I like going to my small neighborhood farmers market because of one vendor in particular who sells a lot of asian vegetables. There's always something interesting or new that I find there. This week was no different.

At the market, I was introduced to the peculiar fruit pictured above. It's called the Jujube. It has the consistency and taste of an apple. The browner it is the better the fruit tastes. Some medicinal purposes include alleviating stress and relieving sore throats. Very interesting item.

The other thing I tried for the first time was fresh dates (drupe). It was SO yummy. Tons of sugar in it, I'm sure!! It has the taste of a dried date but with a fresher, almost apricot-like consistency! Some medicinal uses for this fruit include having cleansing power for intestinal troubles, sore throat, fever reliever, and may even counteract alcohol intoxication (i'll let you know...).

Last new thing I tried was Casa Sanchez on Centinela Avenue near Mar Vista/Marina del Rey. It got 11 thumbs down (my whole family went to this place). The food was horrible. My chicken was dry, the spanish rice tasted like it was cooked in chicken broth only, the flavor had no punch or distinguishing aspect to it. The entrees were priced between $18 - $25. Way too high for what it was worth. Added to the was the Mariachi Band (which plays from Thursday - Sunday nights). They were great and talented but TOO loud for such a small space. Unnecessary speakers put up everywhere made conversation a joke. Most people had their hands over their ears to block some noise (didn't help much). I say, go, if you dare but it's not worth it.


  1. man, for someone on a 'diet' you sure talk ALOT about stuff you ATE!!! how many points was the mexican food?? zero like the 'wrap'???
    btw, was that the place that took over magos space??

  2. yeah, it was. it sucked. don't go. plus waaaaay expensive.

    no, mine wasn't 0 calories but I ate only a portion because it was so bad...

  3. oh man, is that the new place where mago's was? i sure miss mago's, both of them. what a disappointment to hear your review...


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