Monday, August 13, 2007

weekend fun!

Tosh calls, "hey, girlie...I was just calling to get an ETA on when you guys will arrive..."
Jenny: "Well, sao said she'd be here around noon..."
Tosh: "hahaha..."
Jenny: "So...i figure we'll be in San Diego sometime tonight..."
Tosh: "that's the one thing I can count guys never being on time...and sorry, guys always come down together so I lump you two in the same group..."
Jenny: SIGH...

Jenny, calling the Kuida's house...
Darin answers: "What do you want?? You want to know if Saoowwy's still at home?? No?? You already know she's still at home?? Hey, sao...what time are you leaving?? and HOUR?? why?? why can't you leave right now??? Jenny, she said she'll leave in about 20 - 30 minutes."
Jenny: "uh huh...sure..."

Jenny on the phone with Tosh laughing about how its a good thing a spa appointment wasn't booked, therefore not going to be charged due to not showing up on time, picks up incoming call, "hello?"
Sao: "Hiiiiiiii....i'm on my way..."
Jenny: "Ummm...where are you??"
Sao: "i just left..."
Jenny: "oh my lord..."
Sao: "What??? i have TWO kids..."
Jenny, interrupting: "Sao, normally, i'd believe you and say that you are right. If it wasn't for the fact that you're always late, I'd probably buy that excuse...and furthermore, i can NOT believe you just threw your kids under the bus!! BAD SAO!!"

Sao calls out from the lawn, "I'm heeeeeere!!"
We go on our merry way stopping off at Mickey D's for some sustenance. Traffic is horrendous and takes us almost three hours just to get to Del Mar. But, like old times, we just chat all the way down about nothing. It's great how easy it is...there are some friendships that suffer without regular "hanging out" times but I have to say, it's never that way with Sao and Tosh. It's like we're all back in College.

We reach Palomar Airport Road when I put a call into Tosh, who suggests some shopping time at the outlets. Great idea! I pick up a shirt, dress, spoon rest, and a cool thing for JT (that I better see him using).

Dinner was at this great posh restaurant called "The Marine Room". An entire wall was made of glass and the tides were high, splashing against the windows every so often. The food was great, the company even better. We had a marvelous time and I went waaaaay above my points (weight watchers) for the entire week in that one meal.

I wake up on Sunday morning to go for a quick run with Tosh, advising Sao to take advantage of the "me/alone" time while she still can. We return to a starving Sao to get ready for Dim Sum (Yum, yum, dim sum!!), ate too much as always. During our conversation, the topic of spa appointment comes up.

Jenny: "'s too bad that we didn't make an appointment at the korean scrub down spa..."
Tosh: "why don't we swing by there and see..."

Little did I know that as I excitedly bounced around the back seat in anticipation for the service that it would be one of the most painful experiences that I've had (i got Tosh's chick...really rough). My experiences at the KOREAN spa were vastly different from the ones that I had at the Fairmont earlier in the week.

"Turning over"
Fairmont Willow Stream: gentle hand on the back, while my masseuse whom I shall dub "Fritz" whispers in my ear, "can you please turn over?"
Korean Spa: my service provider whom I shall dub "Helga" slaps me on the butt and says, "TURN!!!"

"face the other direction"
W.S. : Same concept as above...with gentle touch and soft voice
K.S.: Same concept as above except she pulls my head up off the towel pillow by grabbing a fistful of my hair and yells, "Turn!!"

the massage experience:
W.S.: Fritz lovingly, firmly massaged my gluteal area (first getting permission)
K.S.: Helga beats the living crap out of areas that have thus before remained untouched during a service. and because it's a korean scrub down, scrubs in areas that I swear never got scrubbed down like that before.

I emerge from the whole experience in PAIN. I think parts of my body are bleeding due to the enthusiasm of Helga's scrub down. I have to say that I've never been softer but I'm walking funny because my thighs are swollen from the aggressive swelling...see photo below. it's not supposed to be this red.

Ouch. It really hurt. So much so that I had to use a bag of peas to cool down the swelling on both legs. It's better this morning but hurts when I start walking...friction is bad.

Sao & I left around 4:00pm, stopping off in Gardena for dinner at the yellow cow. YUUUUM. still full from that. all in all a FANTASTIC weekend (thanks, darin, for letting sao come out to play!!). Can't wait until next year - maybe Santa Barbara, OC...or???


  1. jen-

    1. you paid to get that done to your thigs?

    2. that spa picture looked like someone pee'd in it.

    3. i like how you went to mickey d's if you are on weight watchers. you could have ate something healthy while waiting for sao and then just kept sao company while she ate mickey d's.

    4. what did you get JT? another sword to hit Aya with?

  2. 1.) Yeah...crazy, huh?? upon further inspection (i couldn't figure out why my @$$ hurt so much) i found bruising on my ass along with further abrasions...

    2.) lights, nitwit.

    3. ) u hello..7 points. i was still counting at that point. Plus I still lost 2 pounds.

    4.) i got him something that was referenced in your blog, however it's not a sword. sorry. Actually they are dumbo ears so he has something else to hold on to since he seems to like them so much.


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