Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why Jenny should not be allowed to surf the interweb...

There's a reason why people like me should not be allowed to surf the internet. One, my house is a disaster and I really need to tame it before it overcomes me and eats me alive. The other reason is that I find sites like White on Rice and surf around on their site. Do you know what I found??? the Victory Garden. Darn them and their stupid pretty photos...and their inspirational quote, "We started off our garden on our balcony..." Wait...wait, i think to myself...i've got more than a balcony...I've got a whole backyard to fill. My backyard could someday look like theirs!!

So I'm willing to bet you can guess what I did this weekend. Yeah. I gardened. When I say "gardened", I mean I bought some crap and repotted it. That's about as fancy as I get. But what's crazier is that I bought 3 half wine barrels to use as a planter (thank you, craigslist). They are so beautiful - and Gregory, the guy who sold them to me, brought them down from Napa and carried about 20 of them up the steepest set of stairs (and 3 back down for me!). If only I wasn't too lazy to lift the 50 pound barrels to see what wineries they were from. I'm giddy that I have them but seriously...these things are HUGE!!

See photo you notice what my plants aren't in? Right, the wine barrels. I got overwhelmed with "location, location, location" of the plants because these suckers weight 50 pounds WITHOUT anything in them so I froze...and ended up using pots that I had purchased previously on my last run of "I'm going to be a home gardener" mode.

Clockwise L - R: heirloom tomato; sweet basil; lemon grass; tomato; arugula; cilantro; french thyme

...and incidentally, my house is still a mess.

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  1. You crack me up! If you don't ever find stuff for the wine barrels, you can always make some taikos! =D


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