Wednesday, October 7, 2009

another owie...

I'm constantly on the move in my job.  My brain tends to move faster than my body, which causes a problem for me in terms of coordination skills [i'm freakishly uncoordinated.  something you wouldn't expect from a person who did gymnastics for years!].

This is a direct result of my trying to think faster than my body can move:

I've been duct taping my ankle since I don't want word getting out that i sprained my ankle AGAIN.  It's just too embarrassing for words.  All in a day's work.  Suck it up and get the job done!


  1. Eeewww!! look at the size of that cankle! how the heck did you do that? it looks sprained on the top and not the sides like normal sprains.

    i hope you when you are in your room you are elevating and icing it.

    call me tomorrow if you want me to tell you what muscle to massage to make your ankle feel better.

  2. AAAAAHHHHHH!!! OMG, take care of yourself.! -tosh

  3. it does look freakish, doesn't it? The swelling actually went down. i just didn't have time to elevate and icing it, though. Everyone was asking me why I was hobbling/limping around our general session. i said, "what are you talking about? i'm not limping, that's just the way i walk." :)

    but it does still hurt so I'll probably have to ask you what i need to do.

  4. OMG!?! I didn't know you were a clutz! 'Cmon! You're a Natori!! =} J/K! Hope you're ok. and FYI, Love your blog! It's my lunch time getaway. ;) Pegs

  5. oh noooo...the pressure!!! :)

  6. Wow, that is a pretty bad sprain. My ankle looked like that after I sprained it playing basketball. Worst sprain I ever had. Did you really do this while walking?


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