Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Disasters

I had finished the cranberry sauce, the dough for the dinner rolls, candied yams, apple pie and was waiting on the pumpkin pie when disaster struck.  Have you guys ever seen what a pumpkin pie looks like upside down on the floor??

Well, now you have. It looks like BARF.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

* No family members were hurt during the filming of this disaster.  Although my dad came pretty close [if we lived under the same roof] when I heard him laughing hysterically in the background while I was crying to my mommy.

* No real tears were shed in the making of this pie 'cuz there ain't no cryin' in the kitchen.  Even though I came very, very close.  A nice fennel by the name of Colloquial Cook gave me words of encouragement that helped me carry on.  Thanks, C!


  1. Awwww. Pumpkin pie is a terrible thing to waste! If I was there, I so would've eaten as much as I can off the floor within 5 seconds! p.s. my family is driving me batty. - tosh

  2. eeww...looks like re-fried bean pie!

  3. tosh - it IS a terrible thing to waste, isn't it? but there ain't no way I was eating anything off MY floor! :) [i'm glad that your family is driving you crazy on day 2...awesome!]

    miles - I think i'll make THAT for your christmas gift. refried bean pie!!!

  4. OH MY! I'm sorry... but I probably would've been with your Dad laughing... Feeling bad, but laughing. =) only cuz pumpkin's not my favorite... now lemon meringue... that would've made me cry! ;)
    Hope it was a Happy one nonetheless!

  5. I'm seeing this just now, and my heart sinks a little :-)
    Jen you are a warrior. A pumpkin pie warrior.

  6. Pegs: yeah, I'm not crazy about pumpkin pie myself but everyone was expecting it...luckily the 2nd one turned out better than the 1st anyhow.

    CC: I feel like i earned it. =) i can laugh about it now but I wanted to crawl under a rock after it happened. Time travel to 5 seconds before would've been great.


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