Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ola, Lisbon!!

Admittedly, I probably should have practiced or learned some key phrases in Portuguese but it appears my mix of English, Spanish, Italian, & French seems to be working for me.  Well, kinda.  I probably shouldn't try to mix it all in one conversation.  That's probably working more against me than it is for me.

Moving right along, I decided to try something different for my trip to Europe this time.  I gave in and napped.  Twice.  After 18 hours of travel time, my body just needed it.  Plus, my body was still in distress after getting caught smack dab in the middle of a near fist fight between my Portuguese seatmates and the flight attendants.  My travel buddy, Carrie, just looked at me with a horrified expression on her face.  Classic.

Anyhow, the first thing we did was to go shopping since my brain was incapable of taking in anything more taxing.  One thing I love to do is shop at the local grocery stores.  I love to see what kinds of local candies and snacks people around the world love to eat.

Whaaat?  Chips Ahoy??  How the heck did that make the cut??  Hmmmm...guess I'll go and check out the candy aisle next...

...Oh good.  I was worried I'd be stuck without my M & M access.  Phew. 

That photo is for my friend, Henry, who works for Nestle.  He likes to see his stuff from around the world.  I'm going to check and see what I can buy for breakfast tomorrow...

Right. Of course.  Kellogg's cereal.  What was I thinking, hoping that there'd be something I can buy that's typical of a Portuguese breakfast?  I decided to pick up some gum from Portugal.  I should've known by now that there was just no hope...

Our next stop was to try to find some gifts to take home with us to 'Mericah. 

Right.  Disney.  Of course.  Why shouldn't components of the happiest place on earth be in Portugal?

Geoffrey??  HE made it to Portugal??  Ok, since I did spot a Sanrio store in Portugal, I guess Toys R Us should be here, too...

Well.  Shoot.  I guess shopping was a strike out for me today.  Hope tomorrow will net some better [and more typical of Portugal] results!

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