Thursday, November 12, 2009

Postcards from vacation...

I am compulsive about printing out labels with addresses of my friends and family.  That's usually one of the first things I print out and it's the 2nd thing I take care of on my vacation. So you can imagine how horrified I was when I realized that I totally forgot to print out and bring my labels.  I decided to send postcards via my blog, generic though it may have to be. Please fill in the blanks where instructed...

Dear [fill in your name]:

Greetings from [Lisbon or Barcelona]! I hope you're having as great a time in Los Angeles as I am in [Lisbon or Barcelona].  I've been having a fantastic time here - eating, walking, shooting photos, cooking, and shopping. 

I really wish you could be here [unless you're someone I'd rather not be around] with me sharing [well, having your own] cup of chocolat & churros.  I never knew a cup of chocolate could be so thick.

You would have loved the cooking class Carrie & I took at Cook & Taste [unless you hate to cook].  In spite of my squeamishness from the monkfish that really, really grossed me out, I feel pretty confident that I can make paella [I was the one who made the fish stock...i KNOW i can make THAT]!  I'll tell you more about this class later. 

Tonight is my last night in Barcelona, so I'd better get packed and ready to go out.  I know I'll never be able to pack after a night of food & drinks.  I look forward to seeing you when I get home [unless I don't normally see you, in which case I won't]!

With Much Love [unless I hate you...]



  1. WACK!

    i have a collection of your postcards on my fridge. boo.

  2. darn. sorry, dude. email me your address. i'll try to do one at the airport...

  3. Ooooh. Did you guys successfully get the burnt bottom in your paella? Mmmm.... - tosh

  4. tosh - yup! it was great!!

    miles - i suck..stayed out too late this morning and had to rush out of the hotel this morning...

  5. Your sign-off could apply to so many people, really.

  6. I love thick hot chocolate, especially when paired with churros. You're funny!

  7. Carrie: Ummm...yeah. that's true...

    FLB: isn't it the best??? thanks for visiting!!


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