Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 3...still alive...barely...

I do not remember a time when my body hurt as much as it does today. I seem to have left my advil/aleve at home so I have no relief and every store we have walked into has not carried anything that may resemble acetaminophen. I think we've completed a full circle of walking around the city.

I love Paris! It's such an awesome place! We've shopped (window) at Le Bon Marche, Printemps, Monoprix, and various smaller boutiques along the way. We've seen the Sacre Coeur, Moulin Rouge (disappointing), and the Montparnasse Cemetery (beautiful!). It's been a bit on the rainy side and i've managed to leave my brain at the hotel, along with the passport necessary to buy a higher ticket item (my new purse) so we had to come back to pick both of these things up.

Katie had recommended Fish La Boisson but sadly, it's closed Sunday & Monday so we're off to try:

La Robe et Le Palais
13 r Lavandieres Ste Opportune
75001 Paris

This is probably our last post for awhile since we won't have easy internet access for the next several days...


  1. Le photo de nouveau sac, s'il vous plait!!

  2. it the Louie?

  3. :( No...i was SO tempted!!!

    I ended up with a Lemarthe. I'll post a photo when i get a chance!

    Ladies, we need to look at coming back during these's AMAHHHHZING. even with the exchange rate (then again, i stopped counting in US dollars...hopefully my bank account will hold up...)


  4. jen,
    so, four days since your last post.. i take it you went from barely alive to... uh... dead??

  5. not to worry!! just too cheap to pay for internet access.

    i did not find your requested t shirt but have found a nice bit of chocolate for you...hope that will be ok!!

    holy shizzle, miles & are not kidding...chocolate is like 5 bucks a piece here!!!


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