Saturday, July 5, 2008

I forgot...

the best thing that happened to me yesterday (besides FINALLY meeting up with carrie, of course...)!!

I was on the RER to the city when an older french gentlemen starts asking me questions in French about the train route. The deer caught in headlights look worked well enough for him to move on to my seatmate, a young, cute james dean type of french guy.

Well, it turns out that the train i was on ended at Gare Nord (which is about 10 stops away from my desired destination). I felt better because we were all shocked by it [locals included!] because we thought it went on [i understood enough french to know that everyone's direction to the old french guy was that the train would continue on after Gare Nord].

I pulled off to the side to start unravelling my rail maps to figure out what trains I should jump on when the cute french james dean guy came up to me and asked me if I needed any help. I'm no dummy...i had a map and could figure it out on my own but hell, a CUTE FRENCH GUY WAS ASKING ME IF I NEEDED HELP. How often does that happen?? Ok, for me...NEVER. I almost snapped a photo of the guy just so that I could post it up here and prove that he was real.

So I stuffed my map back into the bag and said in my best helpless voice, "Yes...I'm lost...can you help me??" ok, so i didn't really say that but the intent was the same. Anyhow, being the social retard that I am, I thanked him after he walked me to a map and showed me which line to catch, and walked on realizing after he had left that I had no idea where the heck i was supposed to buy tickets from. Well, the best news is that the bull about the french being rude is completely untrue!! LOVE IT HERE!!!


  1. no picture means the guy does not exist.

    you probably just asked the old man who works the train collecting train tickets.

  2. Miles, I'm not THAT much of a social retard...


  3. Life is so not fair. I ride the RER train and I have some perv wave his shlong at me and Jen gets some hot French dude??

  4. life is also more unfair that I got a 350 euro LeMarthe purse for $165... :)


  5. That's the final straw!! You're getting a serious beating when you get back to the States.


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