Saturday, July 19, 2008

Galimard at Grasse

Best part of the trip. We made our own perfume at Galimard (a famed perfumerie) in Grasse. It was a great experience. The "Nose" at Galimard uses about 2,000 different scents every day. He works 15 minutes at a time to preserve his finely honed sense of smell. In the class we were given around100 choices, which are all of the scents combined.
The store at Galimard

They refer to this as "the organ" (like a musical instrument in church, not like a liver or something).

They have you smell about 10 little bottles and then pick 2. As Jenny stated before, I am floral fruity. Those that know me are saying "no shizzle". Anyways, then they give you other choices based on what you pick, and so on and so forth.

The Nose's organ

Perhaps the most special thing about France - it is a dog country. People take their dogs on the metro, the train, to cafes, and into stores.


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