Monday, July 21, 2008

Finding the Catacombs...

Prior to our trip, Carrie had said that the one thing she most definitely wanted to see were the underground catacombs in Paris - can you imagine what a vault filled with human bones would look like??? Luckily, our hotel wasn't too far from this entrance so we figured, "piece of cake...". Sadly, we didn't have time on Saturday because of our unimpressive Eiffel Tower Tour (you know...the one where Carrie's eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head because of how bored she got by the incessant chatter of our tour guide. Yeah, yeah...we KNOW it's her job. but everyone's got their limits and she pushed ours.)

We got to this point where we HAD to see in on Sunday because it was closed on Monday and Tuesday. We knew it would be hard to find because all of the websites had mentioned that it would be difficult to find. We get to the general area of the entrance...from there we ran to the left...we ran to the right....we ran in circles...I re-read Rick Steves' directions and we realized we were running around it the whole time...and we missed it by 15 minutes. It was closed.

I mean...look at this!! Do you see "catacombs" anywhere on this unassuming green building????? GAAAAAR!!!!

I felt so bad that I decided to draw out what I would imagine the catacombs would look like with all the skulls just for you, carrie!!!! Enjoy!!!


  1. Thank you for the artist's rendering. I imagined the catacombs to be a bit more sinister.


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