Monday, July 14, 2008


so getting (cheap) internet access is not easy. carrie paid for this one for me. :)

let us see. I have had a wonderful time in france. after we left paris, we took a train to avignon. Provence was WONDERFUL!!! we made our own perfume, which we think was our highlight of our european adventure. We stayed in Cannes - too expensive for words, but fabulous nonetheless.

The worst meal thus far was mine...(carrie is some sort of savant when it comes to food ordering)...i had fish soup...i thought it would be more like bouillabaise. it was not. it was fish placed in a blender in fish stock. UGH!! i was thinking of the movie "the gigolo"...will think of the actual name later...

Beaune was fantastic - quaint little village but not a lot of stuff to do. We went through a fabulous wine cave where the pour is on the "honor" system. luckily, i did not care for the wine...we would have had problems, otherwise.

We are now in Zurich...changed our minds about stopping off in Lausanne - we realized it was too much moving around in one trip. We are headed off to Lucerne tomorrow...very exciting.

Sad news is that carrie is walking around in a bright red bandage around her ankle. she does not know HOW she injured it...just that it is swollen twice her normal size. quite sad.

I just tried absinthe for the first time so am currently feeling a little weird. especially since i am typing on a european keyboard. not quite convenient....

will update with photos upon my return...

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