Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flowers in Provence!!!

Lavande photos (not to be confused with Lavandine that is grown everywhere else but the mountains of Provence). The bees buzzing freaked me out a bit but I regretted not purchasing some of the honey from these Lavender bees.

These photos just don't do the colors justice...but carrie was right, we were both lucky that we didn't have any objects that could be used as tools of death. Although I was driving...and complaining about the twisty narrow roads. Sadly, I was starting to get car sick...and i was driving. This was their idea of a two lane highway...

We pulled off on the side of a road to take some photos of sunflower fields (sorry, erin...we found the fields in provence, not italy!). We would've crossed the road to get to the other side to take some close up photos but we feared that we'd become road kill from oncoming traffic. I could see the headlines "two dumb tourists flattened down by cross traffic in an effort to photograph some dumb flowers"

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