Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Goods...

Other purchases that we made included products from Le Chateau du Bois - you saw their lavendar fields a few entries ago. I purchased this fantastic essential oil. I put one drop on pillow for its soothing effects a couple of days ago and I can still smell it!! It's fantastic!!

Carrie found some Lavendar essential oil at the Beaune market that claimed to have anti-aging effects. I looked at it and looked around the booth. I turned back to Carrie and said, "it doesn't work." she said, "how do you know??" I said, "Check out the woman who is selling the product." That woman was so wrinkled that carrie called her, "paper bag woman" and she didn't mean that she should put one over her head which would have only helped the situation. Needless to say, Carrie put the product back down and stepped away from the table.

In Switzerland, we thought, "hey...aren't the swiss known for their restorative facial treatments?? surely they must have good stuff." Then we discovered the fact that everything was about 15 times more expensive than any other country in the world. I said, "someone had mentioned that they picked up some 1 euro lotion and it was the best lotion they ever tried." thus became our quest to find this 1 euro lotion. We found it. this is one of the best lotions I have ever tried. and I'm sad to say that I only bought 2 tubes for myself...the rest for gifts. Anyone have any contacts (or go to switzerland) that can get us more of this magic cream??
We also wanted to pick up some drugstore variety of face cream. I decided on the eye cream because that's the area i need the most help. Louis Widmer is fantastic as well!! I love the consistency of this cream. Carrie is very happy with her face cream as well but I'm sure she may have a blog or two about that!!

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